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Double Dragon PC Game is 1987’s a beat ’em up video game which developed by Technōs Japan and it was distributed in North America & Europe by Taito. This game is a spiritual and also the technological successor to the Technos’ previous beat ’em up. But it introduced several additions like two-player cooperative game-play. Also, the ability to arm oneself with an enemy’s weapon after them disarming. Double Dragon considered being one of the first successful examples of the genre. Which results in the creation of 2 arcade sequels & several spinoffs. Also inspiring other companies for creating their beat ’em ups.

Double Dragon PC Game Download

An arcade game originally, home versions released for NES, Master System, Atari 7800, Atari ST, Atari 2600, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Game Boy, Commodore 64, Genesis or Mega Drive & Atari Lynx, among the other platforms during series’s height of the popularity. A remake titled Double Dragon Advance was released for Game Boy Advance in 2003.

The player takes control of the martial artist of Billy Lee, and his twin brother name Jimmy, as they fight on their way into the turf of Black Warriors gang to rescue Billy’s interest in love, Marian. Player character has a repertoire of martial arts techniques. On which they can perform using the joystick and 3 action buttons for kick, jump & punch individually or a combination. The techniques range from the basic punches and kicks to more elaborate attacks like throws & elbow strikes. While playing with another player, anyone can grab the opponent from behind, by allowing others to attack unimpeded. Caution should be taken, although some enemies able to do the same thing to players. Then player begins the game with a certain number of extra lives and life gauges. Which depletes as the player takes hits & must complete every stage within the time limit.

Double Dragon PC Game System Requirements:

OS: Windows Xp / 7 / Vista / 8

CPU: Intel Pentium III Processor 400 MHz

Ram: 128 MB

Hard Space: 7 MB

Direct X: 8.0

Double Dragon PC Game

Size: 773 KB

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