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God of War 1 PC Game is an action, adventure hack & slash computer video game series that loosely based on Greek mythology and originally it has created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The eighth installment is being in development which will be a soft reboot for the series. The Series’ story centers around the playable characters, Kratos, a Spartan warrior tricked into killing his wife & daughter by using his former master. Kratos kills Ares at the behest of goddess Athena & takes his place as the new God of War, but still haunted by nightmares of his past.

God of War 1 PC Game Download

Revealed to be demigod & the son of Zeus, King of Olympian Gods who has betrayed Kratos, Spartan then seeks revenge against gods for their machinations. What actually follows is series of attempts to be free himself from the influence of gods & Titans with exact revenge. This series currently consists of 6 single-player-only games and a seventh that includes multiplayer. Here, each game typically has featured a third-person with a fixed cinematic camera. The player controls the character Kratos in a combination with the hack and slash combat, by platforming, & puzzle game elements for achieving goals and to complete the story.   Throughout the Greek era, Kratos’ main weapon a pair of double blades with chains that appears in the three iterations: Blades of Chaos, Blades of Athena, and Blades of Exile. Each performs similar but differ in types of combos & amount of damage each yield and cosmetic differences. And other weapons are also obtained during the games period. The magic is also available for use with four abilities such as Medusa’s Gaze, Poseidon’s Rage, Zeus’ Fury & Army of Hades in the God of War which is typically acquired.

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God of War 1 Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows Xp / Win 7 / 8 / Vista 32 bit

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 256 MB

Direct X: Dx 9

RAM: 1 GB Free

Disk Space: 3 GB

God of War 1 PC Game

Size: 195 MB

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